bastion of literature


We are creating a new home for good literature in Banská Bystrica.


residential flat literary café

residential apartment
for writers

In the modern history of Slovakia, writers’ houses have not had a great tradition. Except for famous mansion in Budmerice, well-known for its (not completely literary) legends, we feel the lack of nice places for the free creative work of local, but also foreign authors. We think that Banská Bystrica and the Bastion at Lazovná gate are definitely cut out for literature of this kind.

literary café
and library

Not only authors but also readers want to experience pure literary atmosphere. The premises of the bastion should include a space for authors to meet their readers and for traditional literary events. A lively café, which everyone who wants to read and talk about literature will definitely visit, will also offer an opportunity to try coffee and beer from local suppliers.


of the facility

The Bastion of Literature is one of the eighteen original bastions pertaining to the town’s fortification system, built in the second half of 16th century. The bastion is now a part of the eldest monuments of Banská Bystrica. Bastions were initially named after craft guilds, which helped to build and protect them. The Bastion at Lazovná Brána belonged to the cutlery and coopery guilds and from 19th century, when became a part of courtyard, has been presumably used for living.

of ownership

Over the last hundred years, the place has had a variety of owners. Some of the neighbours recall an elderly lady, who had her flowers in the windows; those born a bit later just the first peep show in the 90s.The last inhabitants of the object were the workers of a Park of culture and leisure, which resided in the house No. 19 at Lazovná Street. Due to the technical problems, the Park has moved out around the year of 2009. Since then, the Bastion and the Park have been decaying. Both objects continue to be a property of Banská Bystrica city.

of literary initiative

Our civic association Laputa came up with the initial idea of reconstructing the bastion for literary and residential purposes in 2013. The city of Banská Bystrica has rent us the object for 30 years, under the condition that we will create a new cultural centre by 2020. Our aim is to transform the bastion into a place and a brand, where good literature is being created, published and presented. We think that due to bastion’s locality and genius loci, it represents the ideal place for literary scene.

Support us

Banská Bystrica as a new literary centre, literary residence and cafe. We can not imagine this without you. You can support our unresting activities via the yearlong financial support, a 2-percent tax contribution or during our events.

Other ways to support our projects will be introduced soon. Thank you!



Publishing house

The Bastion of Literature as a publishing house wants to dedicate its work to the present and former times of Banská Bystrica, but also to various cultural and public phenomenons.


If you are interested in more information, want to collaborate with us or visit the Bastion, please contact us. The Bastion at the Lazovná gate, future literary residence, is located in between the Katovná and Lazovná streets.

Občianske združenie Laputa

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